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Hospitality Forever™ is a business and environmental sustainability program for the next generation of leaders in the world’s largest industry.

It is based on one very simple fact: you won’t be in the hospitality business for long if you destroy the very environment your clients come to enjoy, and you can’t conserve the environment if you are no longer in business.

And, sustainability is what your customers want and expect from you.

Going beyond the simple day-to-day practices that increase profit and conserve the natural and cultural environment of the facility or tour operation, Hospitality Forever™ incorporates the ISO 14001 program of systematic goal-oriented planning along with an internationally-recognized science-based sustainability framework, The Natural Step. By marrying industry-specific practices with internationally-proven systems and principles, Hospitality Forever™ provides industry leaders with a realistic, step-by-step approach to reaching their environmental and business sustainability goals.

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Hospitality Forever™ Program Components

  1.   The Hospitality Forever Sustainability Review™

  2.   The Hospitality Forever™ Training  Workshops

  3.   The Hospitality Forever™ Foundation Skills Workshop

  4.   The Hospitality Forever™ Staff Curriculum

  5.   The Hospitality Forever™ Toolbox

  6.   The Hospitality Forever™ Coach

Hospitality Forever™ Delivery Options

Hospitality Forever™ is a flexible, client-driven program. You can take advantage of as much or as little as you need, depending on where you are in your sustainability development. The overall program framework allows you to proceed at your own pace, incorporating industry-specific standards, specialized consultants, and feedback from internal monitoring, as well as from your customers and partners, as you go.

The Hospitality Forever Sustainability Review™ is usually accomplished as a facilitated one-half to one-day meeting with the entire management team (including department heads). Included in the fee is a post-meeting report highlighting areas of current best practice, including effective systems and guiding principles already in place, as well as recommendations for actions to enhance the sustainability of your enterprise.

The Hospitality Forever™ Foundation Skills Workshop is usually delivered as a two-day intensive workshop for top management, department heads and key suppliers and partners. Contact us for webinar and other distance-learning options.

The Hospitality Forever™ Toolbox consists of a set of specific tools that can be introduced at staff meetings, provided as part of ongoing coaching sessions or periodic reviews, or used as the foundation for a training workshop, depending on your needs.

The Hospitality Forever™ Coach services can include:

  1.   Training design and development for the Hospitality Forever™ Staff Curriculum

  2.   Training workshop delivery

  3.   Facilitating ongoing staff working sessions

  4.   Preparation for registration audits

  5.   Participation in annual management reviews

  6.   Assistance in identifying appropriate practices in energy and water conservation, green building design and construction, environmentally-friendly landscape design, recycling programs, green investments, and other sustainability-related specialties

Hospitality Forever™ is a program developed by Environmental Training & Consulting International, Inc. Please contact us as for more information or to schedule a live workshop or interactive webinar.


Hospitality Forever™ is a sustainability program conducted by Environmental Training & Consulting International, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Hospitality Forever™ Program