Hospitality Forever


All of the worksheets and checklists in the Hospitality Forever™ sustainability handbook can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Hospitality Forever™: A Sustainability Handbook for the Lodging Industry

can be ordered directly from the publisher by clicking on the book title just above, or from Amazon by clicking here.

Hospitality Forever™: Sustainability for the World’s Largest Industry

now also is available as an enhanced, interactive ebook, including videos, color photo galleries, interactive quizzes and more. You can order the ebook version directly from this link: Apple iTunes bookstore.

Worksheet and Checklist Links

Activity Aspects and Impacts Form.pdf

Environmental Management Program Development Template.pdf

Environmental Policy Checklist.pdf

Environmental Responsibility Worksheet.pdf

Example of SMART Objective.pdf

Instructions for the Hospitality Forever™ Policy Builder.pdf

Legal and Other Requirements Worksheet.pdf

Sample Environmental Policy.pdf

Sample Procedure.pdf

Sustainability Principles Questionnaire.pdf

The Backcasting Process Tool.pdf

The Hospitality Forever Outcome Generator™.pdf

The Hospitality Forever™ Overview.pdf

The Kismet Process™ Tool.pdf

Training Needs Matrix.pdf


Hospitality Forever™ is a sustainability program conducted by Environmental Training & Consulting International, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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